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I am so so so excited to finally introduce our new range of floating pendants and necklaces, I've been quite quiet recently whilst building up the range and working hard behind the scenes to be able to bring this to you. I'm looking to expand it in the future to include some bigger pendants to include more handprints but at the moment I am just starting with the smaller lockets.

I have done a bit of research about this product and noticed a few competitors have used stainless steel pendants. My business is all about the Sterling Silver with some of my leather bracelets using stainless steel clasps, however I am so reluctant to use anything other than Sterling Silver so feel really proud that my product is 100% 925 Silver, at about the same price (or less) as their product.

The best part about this is that you can personalise it further by adding a birthstone, the stones are Cubic Zirconia and are absolutely stunning adding a little tiny splash of colour and sparkle to your beautiful piece of jewellery.

Plus the pieces in the pictures are my own little girls handprints Lucia and Lorelai, needed to check that I could engrave longer names on the back and luckily having a longer name like Lorelai, helped test out to see how much I could engrave.

Well that's enough for now, I hope you love these new pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them. Watch out as there will be some more new products coming soon with a little side business to add as well! Watch this space ....

TTFN xxx

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